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Power-Vac APV

Why Choose Power-Vac APV

1.  Powerful Vacuum

2.  Lightweight design

3.  Heavy duty 3/16 construction

4.  Kubota engine driven

5.  PTO driven option

6.  Dirt barrels

7.   LED lighting

8.  Stainless steel sub structure

9.  30  inch shrouded fan 

10. Large vacuum hose storage

11.  Storage for a portable machine

12.  Your choice of compressors

13.  Sandblast primer powder coated

14.  Stainless ladder and ladder racks

15.  Mounted on light weight vans

16.  Mounted on medium duty trucks

17.   13.5 / 15 / 17 foot lengths

18.  8 or 14 filter bag models

18.  Stainless side step ladder for stuffing bags and closing top doors


You won't find a better air duct cleaning truck on the market!!! 

Made in the usa

Light Weight Van Mounted

Powervac APV

Medium Duty Truck Mounted 

powervac apv

1Power-Vac Apv videos

1Power-Vac Apv Pics

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