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history of Pringles

Since 1949

1949 was the year Wilbert Pringle designed and built the first air duct cleaning truck.  After helping design airplanes for WWII  he was looking for something to do.  He built the first one in Wyoming for his cousin Bud Pringle who had a heating business in Walla Walla Washington.  After using it Bud asked Wilbert to come out to Walla Walla to build and sell them with him.   And sell them they did.  For many years if you were cleaning HVAC systems you were likely using a Pringle truck.  Business was doing so well that they decided to open another manufacturing facility in Ohio.  After a number of years the relationship between Bud and Wilbert became strained due to the addition of the second facility and they ended their business partnership.  Shortly thereafter in 1969 Wilbert started his own business here in Ohio with his son in law Don Brown senior in the small town of Malinta.  Shortly thereafter even though he was barely old enough Don Brown II began working for the family business and quickly became the go to guy in the shop building the trucks.  After 49 years he is still here contributing to this industry.  My name is Greg Brown and today I am working here trying to bring new products to market.  In recent years we have found ourselves competing with some formidable competitors building Air duct cleaning trucks and portables.  For 63 years we have produced for the most part the same product with numerous updates.  Over the last couple of years we have been working very hard to prduce the next truck that will dominate the industry.  We believe the new PowerVac APV is that truck.  Be sure to check out the PowerVac APV page on this site to learn more.  

Pringle's 2nd furnace cleaning truck in
Powervac APV

Pringle Company

Manufacturing the past present and future of this industry

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