Air Duct Cleaning Trucks & Equipment

Made with pride in the USA!

We use only the best materials, hardware, and components.

Pringle air duct cleaning trucks and equipment have helped grow this industry for over 65 years. Our low entry level truck price has helped people get into the air duct cleaning business and thrive since the beginning. Now with our newest Pringle truck there is absolutely no reason to look anywhere else. I assure you that you will agree this is the best truck on the market!

The New Pringle MPV-13, MPV-15 and MPV-17                                                                                                                                             20150926_123003          

Made of mostly stainless steel including; all floors, lower panels, dirt box, and doors.   The Pringle MPV-13 and MPV-15 have optional roll up doors as well. All non -roll up doors are made with stainless steel bolt on hinges that will never require replacement.   Not only did we use the best materials we also made it a snap to maintain and work on if the need arises.  Easy access to bearings, compressor, and fan will make this truck a snap to work on.  With enough room to carry a portable unit, hundreds of feet of hose, and all the accessories you could possibly want this is the ultimate air duct cleaning machine.

Newest feature:  Debris containment system (option)Debris barrel system Our newest feature is our new barrel containment system.  No more cleaning the debris out of your truck while making a mess of your truck, the ground, and yourself.  Two 30 gallon barrels will provide you with the opportunity to clean out the truck easily and more periodically.  No more carrying around a thousand pounds of your customers debris for months and months.  Our barrels will not leak dust and debris.  If something would happen to cause it to leak it is completely sealed from the rest of the truck.  In fact should you decide you wish to not use the barrels you can just remove it and use it as a traditional dirt box.

Vent Cleaning Trucks for Sale Malinta OHThe original Pringle:

The original Pringle truck is the truck that became the standard by which all others are measured. Manufactured for over 65 years, there have been many improvements, including:

  • Enclosing the rear compartment, removing the lower rear compartment increasing hose storage
  • All stainless steel lower sheet metal option
  • Moved rear hold down support for much easier access to compressor and belts

We have also added special accessory options over the years including: Top doors, tubular drive shaft, hitch rear bumper, hose reel, and saddle toolboxes. Our unit can be attached to all cab and chassis’s one ton and larger. After 65 years, there is still no more powerful air duct cleaning truck on the market. Contact us now for details!